Welsh Information

From here you can access the information I have gathered concerning investigating your Welsh ancestors. This is mainly concentrated on Caernarvonshire, with specific attention given to an area called Clynnog Fawr and the surrounding area.

 Information for Welsh Investigations
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Information on Clynnog Fawr Information on the village, including the church St. Beuno's.  

Index of Marriage Bonds

The 1st page shows all the marriages from 1757 to 1837 where the marriage took place in Clynnog, or the Groom was from there.

The next pages are split into Groom's Surnames for the diocese of Bangor. The diocese covers the whole of the north-western quarter of Wales, taking in the old counties of Anglesey, Caernarfon, Meirionnydd and the northern portion of Montgomeryshire, and is roughly co-terminous with the ancient kingdom of Gwynedd. It extends from the port of Holyhead in the north to the rural market town of Llanidloes in the south; from the holy island of Bardsey in the west to Llandudno in the east, along the North Wales coastal strip; behind which lies Snowdonia and the most mountainous areas of Wales.

When a couple was planning to marry, the prospective groom took out a bond from the clerk of the court in the bride’s county of residence. This was done as surety that there was no legal obstacle to the proposed marriage, such as another living spouse for either party, for example. These bond marriage records can be helpful in determining the approximate or exact date of the marriage in the event that marriage books and/or church records cannot be found.

Please Note: some of the names appear to be reversed. For example I found in the parish records for Clynnog that an Griffith Owen married a Margaret Griffith, but it is listed in the Marriage Bonds as Owen Griffith.


Caernarvonshire Map of Parishes

Map taken from the fiche of the Ecclesiastical Parishes of Dwyfor, Caernarvonshire. Each number corresponds with the number within the marriage records below.  

1841 Caernarvonshire Census

All persons registered on the census that are residing in Clynnog. There are over 1,700 individuals listed here. Note This file is 5Mb in size  

Caernarvonshire Marriages

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The Parish Records for Dwyfor, Caernarvonshire, these cover marriages from 1813 to 1837.

The columns on each of the pages represent the following:

  1. Date of the Marriage
  2. Parish of the Marriage
  3. Surname of the Groom
  4. Forename of the Groom
  5. Status of the Groom (Single/Widowed)
  6. County of the Groom
  7. Parish of the Groom
  8. Surname of the Bride
  9. Forename of the Bride
  10. Status of the Bride (Single/Widowed)
  11. Parish of the Bride
  12. Marriage by Banns, or Licence