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Kilgeever Parish Marriage Records.

Kilgeever Parish includes Louisburgh




Myles GIBBONS and Margaret JENNINGS 1-15

Martin MORAN and Honor MALLY 1-25

Michael GILL and Anne DUFFY 1-27

Edmund McNALLY and Mary McDONGHUE 3-4

John GRADY and Margaret GRADY 3-10

Thomas TOOLE and Bridget MALLY 3-16

Anthony and Kate CARROL 3-16

Daniel MOORE and Anne JORDAN 3-20

Austin TOOLE and Bridget SAMMON 3-23

Pat KERRIGAN and Margaret McNAMARA 4-9

John MALLY and Margaret JOYCE 5-8

Patt DURKAN and Mary O'DONNELL 7-10

Michael DAVITT Anne MALLY 9-4




Thomas PURCELL and Margaret BURKE 2-2

Patt KELLY and Kate EGAN 2-3

James KELLY and Mary DURKIN 2-3

Austin FLYNN and Winny GIBBONS 2-3

Thomas KILCOYNE and Ellen MORAN 2-3

Michael MALLY and Judith GARVEY 2-3

Peter GRADY and Bridget KERRIGAN 2-4

Peter WARD and Mary RYAN 2-4

Martin DONNELLY and Celia MORTIMER 2-4

Peter MALLY and Kate GALLAGHER 2-4

Martin JOYCE and Winfred GIBBONS 2-4

Maurice DURKIN and Mary DOHETY 2-5

Peter BRADY and Mary KITTERICK 2-17

Thady and Annabelle GIBBONS 2-17

Patt DARCY and Bridget McNAMARA 2-17

Michael Thomas and Kate MORAN 2-20

James SCOTT and Kate PENDERGRAST 2-20

Michael DAVITT and Margaret WALSHE 2-23

Arthur McKUSKER and Ellen McEVILY 3-13

Michael SCANLON and Kate BURKE 3-3

Henry GIBBONS and Mary MALLY 3-9

James McGUIRE and Mary Conway 3-13

Michael GRADY and Rose GALLAGHER 3-13

James KITTEICK and Mary CONWAY 3-20

Hugh WILLIAMS and Anne DAVITT 3-24

John HUGHES and Mary MALLY 3-30

Patt DILLON and Mary McNAMARA 4-1

Patt O'BRIEN and Bridget BURKE 4-4

Thomas WALSHE and Anne CONWAY 4-4


Simon MALLY and Mary LOFTUS 4-18

John KEANE and Bridget TOOLE 4-26

John MALLY and Honor FERGUS 4-29


Peter FESTER and Bridget DURKIN 7-29

John MITCHELL and Mary McGLYNN 8-16

Michael DAVITT and Margaret DONNELLY 9-8

William MALLY and Mary JORDAN 9-12


Thomas of Anthony KILCOYNE Askillaun to Jane of Thomas GIBBONS Edinburgh 1906

Austin of Michael MORRISON Killadoon to Maggie SCANLON of Patt FLANGAN 1-22-1906

Patt of Philip KILCOYNE to Anne of Patt TIERNAN 2-4-1907

John of Owen KILCOYNE Cregganbaun to Anne of Michael KITTERICK Crickeen 1907

Catherine of ? MORRISON Killadoon to Bridget of Thomas GIBBONS Askillaun 1-31-1906

Patt of Martin KITTERICK Shancolia to Kate of Maggie McLAUGHLIN 2-24-1906

Patt of Dennis SHERIDAN to Bridget GRADY Askillaun 1-19-1907

Edward of William HESTER to Kate MALLEY Fallduff 1-19-1907

Patt of Philip KITTERICK Crickeen to Honor of Patt TIERNEN Cregganhog 2-14-1907

Thady of Austin KITTERICK to Bridget NAUGHTON Cregganbaun 12-17-1907

Margaret of John JENNINGS to Mary FERGUS Kilgeever 3-7-1907

John of Michael JENNINGS Crickeen to Mary of Thomas KITTERICK Crickeen 5-19-1907

Patt of Patt BAINES Devlin to Anne of Austin KITTERICK Athlone 3-2-1910

William of Martin NEVEY to Bridget RUDDY Gilmore 2-25-1911

Winfred of Patt KITTERICK to Bridget MALLEY Crickeen 2-25-1910

Michael of John HASTINGS Cregganbaun to Maggie Austin KITTERICK Doreen 2-6-1914

Martin of Thady KILCOYNE Crickeen to Catherine of John McNAMARA Shenaly 2-25-1914





William of James McDONNELL Furrigal to Bridget of James JENNINGS Kilgeever

Mick of John McNAMARA and Mary MALLEY Formoyle to Mary of HESTOR and Bridget FRAYS (?) of TallyGawn (?)

James of Austin MALLEY and Anne KERINS Crotheinst (?) to Kate GAVIN of Thady GAVIN and Mary Mc (?) Lackaun

John of Martin DUFFY Bellakip to Ellen DOLEN of Pat McLAUGHLIN Shianscloigh


Murrisk Abbey


Owen CAMPBELL to Mary Gibbons Feb 28 1831

John of John SCAHIL Sept 7 1890


Westport area marriages some locations


Pat WALSH to Mary GIBBONS Feb 28 1831

James HANVIN and Ellen CAMPBELL June 22 1836

Philip KITTERICK (Pat KITTERICK) Louisburgh to Bridget MALLY (Pat MALLY) Kilsallagh Jan 1870

James HENAGHAN (Pat HENAGHAN) Town to Anne Mary JOYCE (John JOYCE) Quay Jan 1870

Patt DOHERTY (Michael DOHERTY) Quay to Catherine GAVIN (Patt GAVIN) Quay Jan 1870

Matthew REILY (Michael REILY) Louisburgh to Bridget DUFFY (Patt DUFFY) Kilsallagh Jan 1870 Louisburgh

Brien MALLEY (John MALLEY) Roscahill to Mary HEARNS (John HEARNS) Jan 1870 

John WALSH (John WALSH and Mary QUINN) Derrycoosh to Honor WALSH (Martin and Bridget WALSH) Derrycoosh Jan 1870

Robert LANDRON Westport (James LANDRON Louisburgh) to Anne DUNBAR (Patt DUNBAR)

Peter SALMON (Michael SALMON) Kilsallagh to Bridget GRIMES (John GRIMES) Drumison Jan 1870

John NEWALL (Thomas NEWELL Quay) New Forest to Catherine MORAN (John McGREAL Carrowbaun) New Forest Jan 1870

Martin PHILBIN Sheroo (Philip PHILBIN) to Honor DERRIG (Patt DERRIG Drumdihoe) Sheroo Jan 1870

Thomas BASQUILL to Mary MORAN July 25 1878